Winter 2018 Newsletter

Tennis 2017 Updates

Opening Day 2018

  • Mark Your Calendars! Opening day is Saturday, May 5th. Rain date is May 12th… but it’s not going to rain this summer … fingers crossed!!
  • The Annual General Meeting is Thursday September 6, 2018. We’re going to try a new venue this year – The Pasta Tree & Smokehouse located in the Quality Inn in Bracebridge.

Bracebridge Master Plan

  • The Town of Bracebridge is in the process of finalizing a long-term, multi-year framework, which is designed to guide effective planning, budgeting and implementation of priorities for recreation, parks and trails. Their vision is to enhance quality of life in the Town of Bracebridge by providing high quality recreational facilities, services, natural and cultural environments that enrich the lives of residents and visitors, and that connect our community. This includes the development of a Multi-Sport Field House as part of the new proposed multi-use community facility that will be located near the Your Independent Grocers (YIG) in Bracebridge.

    Data was collected by the Town over the last 12 months, including a survey which was sent to all members last year at this time, to create this Master Plan.

    For more information about the Town’s plan, click this link: Dept Recreation, Parks and Trails Master Plan

  • BTC Member Survey

  • Sometime in February I’ll be sending each member a survey to collect information which will help the Executive prioritize future expenditures and advocate for the tennis club as part of the aforementioned Master Plan, including exploring opportunities for indoor tennis in Muskoka. You’ll only need to complete one survey per household. All information collected will be kept confidential in keeping with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).
  • Please take the time to complete this survey as it will provide us with real and current data we can use in our conversations with the Town, and ensure the tennis club has a voice as the Town’s plans move forward.

The Rotary Club of Bracebridge presents: Cabaret!

“What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play! Life is a Cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret!”

The annual Rotary Show is a great Bracebridge tradition. And this year’s production is even more exciting, as BTC’s very own Robin Hiltz, has a major role as Ernst Ludwig.

The show opens at the Rene Caisse Theatre in Bracebridge on Friday February 23rd, and runs until Saturday March 3rd. Tickets sell out quickly so don’t be disappointed. Click this link to get your tickets now! Rene Caisse Theatre box office

Since Valentine’s Day is just 10 days away, I thought I’d close with this thought – an oldie but a goodie: Love means nothing to a tennis player!

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

Margaret Gallant
Secretary, Bracebridge Tennis Club