Muskoka Junior Tennis League

The Muskoka Junior Tennis League (MJTL) started in 2016 and is open to all youth 6-12 yrs. old. Club membership is not required. 2018 scheduling and arrangements are still being organized.

Our first year program was a team based learn and play programme for 6-12 yr olds using progressive tennis equipment, scoring and methods. All equipment was provided although many participants chose to bring their own racquet of the appropriate size.

Teams were balanced as much as possible with weekly scheduled sessions over 8 week periods. Each session contained a component of instruction/practice and then actual match playing with emphasis on learning, improvement and fun. All results/standings were based on teams, not individuals.

The focus of the league is encouraging youth to participate in regular physical activity and learn/grow as individuals through challenging themselves. It is hoped that the participants will develop a fondness for the game of tennis that will continue throughout their lifetime.

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Contact Nigel Griffiths at or 705-635-2731.